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REDG. NO. S02/16/0416

Center – Sambalpur

I am very happy that I took Admission in this institute. I did not know anything about computer but after attending classes at NICE, I have gained good knowledge about computer. The friendly and cooperative atmosphere has made me comfortable and helps me to gain more knowledge on computer. Overall “NICE” is really very nice.

BidyutPrava Sahoo

REDG. NO. SO2/30/0516

Center – Sambalpur

I am very much happy with the course I have under taken here in NICE. Initially, I did not know anything about Computer but gradually I have improved immensely under the proper guidance of the Faculties of NICE. The course materials of NICE are also an added advantage for the Students. I owe a lot to NICE for making me a Computer Expert.

Notisha Behera

REDG. NO. SO2/01/0416

Center – Sambalpur

Computer is one aspect of modern days’ Education that everybody needs to know. I joined NICE with the intention to learn Computer. I can say that I am greatly satisfied and feel that this learning added another Feather to my wings. I think NICE is one such institute where one can learn in the best possible way.


REDG. NO. N01/89/0916

Center – Nalconagar (Angul)

Faculty members at NICE are very experienced and knowledgeable about the subject they teach. Any questions asked were always answered clearly. Apart from this, the institute showed flexibility even when a student was not able to attend some classes. Office staff are also very much co-operative.



Center – Angul

Here the course fee is economic for all kinds of students. This institute provides an academic environment suitable for study. It gives enough time for practical and the faculties are NICE.


REDG. NO. N01/133/0216

Center – Nalconagar

NICE institute is informative, friendly and offers great education & advice to students. Everything was explained in detail, and you are made to feel like you are part of a family. It is a good environment to learn the subject in detail.

Ipsita Pattnaik

REDG. NO. B13/ 96/0816

Center – Bhawanipatna

Before I joined this institution,Iwas not so much acquainted with Computer. After I came here I know so much about the computer and other things concerned to it. As in every field computer knowledge is so much required. I am so much thankful to this institution that it has made me able to enhance my wit on computer.

RashmiRanjan Panda

REDG. NO. P05/89/0916

Center – Padampur

Sharping the knowledge in IT can be possible only at NICE. Here I receive immense knowledge with remarkable progress in the field of computer science. Sophisticated equipment with expert faculties helps us a lot. I am so happy to be a part of NICE institute. Now I can openly recommend others to be a part of it

Sonal Meher

REDG. NO. B13/93/0816

Center – Bhawanipatna

NICE is THE best institute for computer teaching in Bhawanipatna. All the books that are provided to us are very useful in our studies and for any type of competitive examinations and the faculties of the institute are very vast knowledgeable and all are very experienced. I am so happy to join in NICE.

Pratignya Mishra

REDG. NO. B13/86/0816

Centre – Bhawanipatna

I did not know about computer earlier, but when I came here, I know what is computer and how it is used. Herefaculty is so helpful and friendly.In practical classes they help us so much.

Lijarani Jani

REDG. NO. B13/23/0615

Center – Bhawanipatna

I am very happy to join in NICE. The facultiesguides us very well, the book material provided by NICE is very useful for us.

SoumyaSephalika Mishra

REDG. NO. B13/91/0816

Center – Bhawanipatna

I felt very happy when I joined this NICE institution & improved my computer knowledge up to a great extent that helped me a lot. The teaching learning materials provided by the institution are very qualitative and useful. The faculties are too much experienced so that they can able to clear our all doubts.


REDG. NO. B13/97/0816

Center – Bhawanipatna

I am happy to study in the institute of NICE because it helps me to know about computer. It’s teaching style is very well. The study materials are very useful to us. I am so much thankful to this institute that it help me to enhance my career.

Reenarani Joshi


Center – Padampur

I am delighted to state that NICEPadampuris the Best Institute of our town. It is the best platform for knowledge hunters in IT Education. It was a dream come true when I joined NICE. The free and frank manner of MD impressed me a lot. Better management, best study materials, well-behaved faculties are the jewels of the Centre. Besides these one can get proper guidance for the present competitive exam.


REDG. NO. B13/108/0816

Center – Bhawanipatna

Theteacher stimulates my interest in the Computer Subject.

Kousalya sabar

REDG. NO. B13/94/0816

Center – Bhawanipatna

In this NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF COMPUTER EDUCATIONall are experienced faculties and they teach us nicely so that we can understand properly. They guide and motivate us to read properly for all type exams. So I’m happy and thankful.

Bhupesh Tripathy

REDG. NO. B13/107/0816

Center – Bhawanipatna

In my consideration it’s a well-developed institute in Odisha. It is well-constructed infrastructure for the faculties as well as for the students.
With due reverence I will state that it possess more dignity then the organization expectation because the expectation should be beyond the imagination. The dignitaries of the institute are highly qualified. Versatile personality for the students. All materials are provided by NICE as well as prospectus andThe labs are also well constructed for the students to gain the recent knowledge about the computerapplications. Our MD sir is a divine personality. All the teaching and non-teaching faculties are very helpful.



Center – Belpahar

I still remember my first statement at NICE (Belpahar Chapter), ” Sir, I do not have any idea about C of Computer, Is it tough to learn Computer? Off-course I am much older to learn this critical device. Years passed, smooth journey personal attentions, extra classes especially for me indeed at no extra cost (I am slow). I am now talking about the main () without void and returning a value.

Thanks NICE, to provide such an eminence learning. Using computer is history for me, I am moving towards development.

feelingNICE to share!


REDG. NO. N01/56/0816

Center – Nalconagar (Angul)

I am very much happy with the course I took here in NICE. Initially, I was a bit unsure of what to expect, as I had never learnt anything about Computer. But the content of the NICE course, simplicity of the NICE study materials and the way in which the faculty members presented the course chapters, it was extremely easy to follow.



Center – Bhubaneswar

All the faculties are very co-operative and guide us in a friendly manner and clear our doubts from the grass root level. Personally I am fully satisfied and very fortunate to be the part of this renowned institutionNICE.

Sweekruti Pradhan


Center – Angul

I am delighted to state that NICE Angul is a worthy and valuable institute for those students who desire quality education in professional courses of recent times. The institute is known to provide best guidance, coaching and teaching in courses, which are essential for academic as well as other necessarypurposes. The teaching staff I encountered are well trained and expert in the field, which supported me to advance in my studies. I will recommend NICE Angul whole-heartedly for all job seekers in and around Angul to enhance their computer skills in a fruitful and job oriented manner.



Center – Belpahar

What will be the best I can think of, which is giving me immense amount of confidence to write a blog on a wall of a World Class Computer Education center. Here I am. Its not all about expertise in a Computer language. It’s about a complete career program, which makes you a GEM for the world and that is what I received from NICE.
Thanks NICE.

Priyadarshi Rajesh Kumar


Center – Bhubaneswar

NICE institute is a great institute. I am very grateful being a part of NICE. Teaching skills of the teacher are very good.In practical class the guidance of teacher is appreciable.

Upendra Jued

REDG. NO. P06/03/0514

Center – Patnagarh

I feel proud to be a part of the NICEstudent family. The students are highly benefited by the simple and easy description. The study materials make me learn Computer step by step. It has given me a lot of confidence about Information Technology. The staffs are very friendly and given me many methods of success. It also provides easy path for my career. I’m really thankful to NICE.

Sagar Kumar Purohit

REDG. NO. P06/30/0914

Center – Patnagarh

I am really very happy doing Computer course in NICE. The studies in this institution really make my career brighter due to high quality teaching and classroom environment. It is only the NICE Centre provide the students to build their future in computer for the day-to-day life during the 21st century. The enthusiasm of teacher to the students is praise worthy

Priyanka Upadhayaya

REDG. NO. B11/07/0414

Center – Brajrajnagar

Good course covering quite a lot but giving enough practical exercises to take away and use in everyday…


REDG. NO. R03/03/0416

Center – Rourkela (sector-2)

I joined NICE, Rourkela Sector-2 as a student for 1 year PGDCA course. The faculty members are qualified and experienced. They are co-operative also. The institute is known for quality education and caring staff. Practical& Theory classes are held regularly.

Monalisha Mishra



NICE institute is very good institute. All madam and sir are very good in nature and behavior. Classes are held regularly and all doubts are cleared for all students. I have taken a wise decision to Join NICE at Bhubaneswar.

Bandita Dei

REDG. NO. B09/1116/01


I really feel proud to be a part of the NICE student. It has given a lot of confidence to grow up my career path. The NICE Campus is really the temple of knowledge and wisdom. Here I learned computer as well as personality development. The study environment is very good.

Ramakanta Dhal



I chooseNICE institute because it’s a famous institute of Bhubaneswar…And the teaching process, practical lab , expert sir and madam also very cooperative and very friendly.
So, I personally feel proud for me that I am a student of this popular institute.
Thank you..



Center – DEOGARH

I am delighted to state that NICE Deogarh is a worthy and valuable institute for those students who desire quality education in professional courses of recent times. The institute is known to provide best guidance, coaching and teaching in courses, which are essential for academic as well as other necessary purposes. The teaching staff I encountered are well trained and expert in the field, which supported me to advance in my studies. I will recommend NICE Deogarh whole-heartedly for all job seekers in Deogarh district to enhance their computer skills in a fruitful and job oriented manner.

Aditya Narayan Meher

REDG. NO. J04/55/0616

Center – Jharsuguda

To the best of my knowledge NICE provides all sorts of facilities like experienced faculty members, study materials, suitable academic atmosphere to enhance the reputation of computer oriented courses. Our teachers understand the importance of establishing a close rapport with the students so that we can clearly ask our doubts without the slightest hesitation. This institute is one of the best I have ever seen.

Madhusmita Mandal

Madhusmita Mandal

REDG. NO. J04/296/0316

Center – Jharsuguda

Before taking admission into NICE. I was reluctant to take interest in computer courses. But after my entrance into the institution I began to take interest in computer courses in an amazing way. Here the teacher are highly experienced, hardworking and try their best to create a smooth academic atmosphere inside the institute. Being a student of NICEis an amazing and unforgettable experience.

Puja Patra

REDG. NO. J04/302/0316

Center – Jharsuguda

NICE Jharsuguda is a suitable institute for doing computer-training courses. Faculty members are very sincere, affectionate & friendly. Due to their unflinching support we are able to learn thoroughly about computer courses. This institution gives me the opportunity of a lifetime experience, which I will never forget really I am very proud to be a student of such an institution.


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